Greatest Hits, Wishing Well, If you let me stay, Dance little sister, sign your name, elevators and hearts, heartbreak hotel, The birth of Maudie, This side of Love, To know someone deeply, To know someone deeply is to know someone deeply, Billy don't fall, It's alright ma, Do you love me like you say, Delicate, She Kissed me, Let her Down easy, Right thing, wrong way, Holding on to you, Vibrator, A change is gonna come
Auteurs   Trent d'Arby's, Terence (Interprète)
Editeur   Sony music
Lieu Edition   [Paris]
Année Edition   2002
Collation   1 CD
ISBN   5099750937426
Prix   25,75 EUR
Langue Edition   français
Vieux Mesnil 1012745961712 1.4 TREAdulteDisponible
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